Sprinkler arm

Specifications of the FARMER sprinkler arm:

  • A wide range of options for the width and length of the arm's passage: width from 10 m to 50 m, arm working length up to 200 m
  • The arm is mounted on a single rail made of a 1" galvanized pipe perched on concrete blocks
  • Galvanized structure and arm
  • Driven by an electric, three-phase motor with a power of 0.75 kW and a gear
  • Speed ​​control with a variator
  • Nozzles with a size of 0.2 mm / 0.8 mm (possibility of individual selection of the nozzles size)
  • 4 irrigation sections
  • The spacing between the nozzles is about 0.50 m
  • Control via an electric box
  • Support wheels on one side of the arm
  • Possibility to install a proportional manuring system(Dosatron)

  • Sprinkler arm
  • Sprinkler arm
  • Sprinkler arm
  • Sprinkler arm

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