Irrigation Boom

Reliable drive

This is one of the main attributes of the Farmer Irrigation Boom.

The use of two motors allowed to significantly improve the beam's advance and stabilize the irrigation process.

Advanced and intuitive solution

The heart of this innovative solution is the proprietary FarmCare controller based on Siemens components - a pioneer in the field of automation. It gives us the ability to monitor and control the irrigation process of the crop in four operating modes:

  1. Single run
  2. Two runs from the end positions
  3. Hourly mode
  4. Recurring mode

The system is equipped with a rotation protection that protects against overflow of the crop.

In the event of a failure or encountering an obstacle, the system automatically stops the process and transmits a message to protect the crops.

What do you get? A carefully designed system based on modern technologies, created in cooperation with the best specialists in the field of cultivation under cover.

  • Irrigation Boom
  • Irrigation Boom
  • Irrigation Boom
  • Irrigation Boom

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