Heating systems

Heating systems in foil tunnels are one of the most important elements ensuring appropriate conditions for crops. It is thanks to them that the crops are not exposed to large temperature differences and the growing season is significantly extended. Farmer foil tunnel heating means:

  • Innovative solutions,
  • High efficiency,
  • The use of the highest quality materials,
  • Fast operation of heating systems,
  • Economical use of energy supplying devices,
  • Increase in production several times higher than the expenses for the construction and operation of the heating system.

The Farmer company offers devices from leading companies in this field.


Holland Heater is a leading manufacturer of gas and oil heaters, with open and closed combustion chambers.

  • A wide selection of heating powers depending on the demand.
  • Gas or oil powered.
  • Options with closed combustion chambers.
  • Stationary heaters or with fuel tanks.
  • Available with a fresh air supply line.
  • High thermal efficiency, optimized CO₂ production.
  • High durability.
  • Full operational safety thanks to various security measures.
  • Possibility to control the device using the climate computer.

Oil-fired heating furnace Ekopiec P

  • The heater works on fuel oil or diesel fuel.
  • The closed combustion chamber and the exchanger are made of acid-resistant steel (due to its much greater durability than stainless steel).
  • Separate oil burner.
  • Manual thermostat with limiter + optional room thermostat.
  • Very high efficiency, even in the toughest conditions.
  • Electronic flame control.
  • Very high efficiency of the heat exchanger.
  • Only ventilation can be set thanks to a special switch "Summer - Winter".
  • Built-in switch - photocell.
  • Possibility to distribute heat through channels.


Water heater NWP

  • Possibility of connection to new or existing central heating installations.
  • Easy and effective regulation and high thermal efficiency.
  • Very shallow depth facilitates assembly.
  • The low noise level increases the comfort of the heated room.
  • The possibility of changing the direction of the hot air stream.
  • Internal air flow blades (quieter operation).



Water heating

  • System based on heating hoses. There are two hose diameters to choose from: Ø25 and Ø32.
  • The system can be distributed in several ways, e.g. between crops, growing tables or as underfloor heating.
  • Power supply from a central heating furnace


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