Foil tunnels and multi-tunnels

  • Foil tunnels and multi-tunnels
  • Foil tunnels and multi-tunnels
  • Foil tunnels and multi-tunnels
  • Foil tunnels and multi-tunnels

Tunnels purpose:


Foil tunnels are most often used for growing plants under covers. Thanks to the use of foil tunnels, we extend the production cycle in natural conditions for non-productive periods, i.e. late autumn, winter and early spring.

FARMER foil tunnels are adapted to various crops, including vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, as well as fruit, e.g. strawberries or flowers - chrysanthemums.

Our solutions can also be successfully used for other purposes, when a large area is needed, low cost recommended and ease of installation required.


In order to improve the comfort, speed and quality of crops, additional elements of foil tunnel equipment are installed, including:

  • Shading system,
  • Spray arms,
  • Fogging system,
  • Heating system,
  • Growing tables.




Our structures are designed by experienced specialists who always put quality in the foreground.

The highest quality structural steel that we use has the necessary quality standards. All elements used in the construction are galvanized.

The structures of foil tunnels are characterized by high resistance to external conditions such as wind or snow, and the galvanized structure means that the facilities do not require maintenance.


Types of objects

We offer several dozen models to always properly adjust the facility to the customer's needs. Farmer representatives are always ready to help and provide professional advice at every stage of the investment.

Seasonal Tunnels

Tunnels on the pipe

Tunnels on the pillar

Single Seasonal Foil Tunnels

Single Foil Tunnels on the pipe

Single Foil Tunnels on the pillar

Seasonal Foil Multi-Tunnels

Foil Multi-Tunnels on the pipe

Foil Multi-Tunnels on the pillar

Foil Tunnels and Multi-Tunnels CONFIGURATOR


Fastening foil tunnels to the ground with the use of bases:

  • Hammered,
  • Screw-in,
  • Concreted.

Thanks to these solutions, the Foil Tunnels and Multi-Tunnels maintain adequate stability, ensuring safety for crops under the foil.


Horticulture foil covering the foil tunnel protects against excessive heat loss and against unfavorable weather conditions outside.

A single or double, pumped garden foil is used to cover the foil tunnel. A double tunnel foil or polycarbonate is mounted on the gable walls.

Double, inflatable tunnel foil reduces temperature fluctuations inside the greenhouse and therefore provides greater comfort to the plants. Double foil is an energy saving of 30-40% compared to greenhouses covered with single foil.

The foils are attached to the structure with aluminum or galvanized steel strips.


For the best air exchange, we offer four types of ventilation in our facilities:

Roof vent
Gable wall vent
Lowered side vent
Rolled side vent

Need help choosing? Contact our sales department - here!


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