Fogging system


High pressure fogging system by Farmer CO. is innovative solution for horticulture, which enable increasing the humidity and lowering the air temperature in foil tunnels and greenhouses.

A foil tunnel equipped with a misting system provides ideal, controlled climatic conditions for crops.



FARMER fogging system is characterized by:

  • possible applications: foil tunnels, greenhouses
  • very good fog dispersion
  • a large number of efficient misting nozzles
  • high-quality stainless steel feed and distribution system
  • operation in the pressure range of 80-140 Atmospheres
  • widely used, among others for the production of seedlings or flowers
  • the ability to adjust the system parameters to the user's preferences
  • equipped with humidity and internal temperature sensors
  • control of power parameters

The fogging system consists of:

  • Fogging nozzles
  • Supply and distribution systems made of stainless steel
  • Solenoid valves
  • High pressure pump

Each of the above-mentioned elements translates into the proper functioning of our solutions, which are usually connected to a separate controller or climate computer. The controller equipped with a fogging module is designed to control five fogging sections.

  • Fogging system
  • Fogging system
  • Fogging system
  • Fogging system

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