Flood Tables

Gardening tables are used for any work on planting, watering, cultivating crops and organizing production, making them more comfortable and efficient.

Advantages of Farmer tables:

  • The aluminum structure ensures aesthetics and durability for many years of use.
  • The tables can be installed permanently or as sliding, after installing the appropriate rollers.
  • The dimensions are adjusted to the client's needs to ensure the greatest possible comfort of work with the maximum use of the available space.
  • Their use increases the usable area of ​​crops, and thus, increases the income from the same area of ​​the facility.
  • They do not require seasonal maintenance and additional costs.
  • The arrangement of the tables can be easily adapted to different types of crops.


Optional accessories:

  • drains
  • safety rollers
  • track rollers
  • concrete legs for tables
  • flood countertops
  • heating systems under the tables

  • Flood Tables
  • Flood Tables
  • Flood Tables

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